Nesta Healthy Homes

Are you concerned that your home may be making you sick? 

Our homes are our primary source of exposure to environmental toxins. What toxins are we referring to? 

Here are a few common culprits– unsafe levels of electromagnetic fields, allergens, heavy metals, VOCs and mold. 

We assess your home, assist in reducing exposures and help you to create a safe and nurturing home!


We Focus On

Growing Concern Over Environmental Health

Services Offered

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We are so happy with our decision to take extra steps in creating a healthy home. Sarah was great to work with and we learned so much. We would highly recommend Sarah and her services.
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Working with Sarah was fantastic! Her knowledge and understanding of custom building and healthy home practices made for a seamless integration of her recommendations. She considers owner needs, applicable budgets and construction efficiencies when developing a plan for each home. We look forward to working with Sarah on future projects and would strongly recommend her!
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Nesta Healthy Homes

What do we think of when it comes to achieving a healthy state?

Our Why

I truly believe a healthy home is the missing piece of the puzzle when it comes to a persons health. I genuinely want people to live better by living healthier, and it starts at home"


I assess air and water quality, electromagnetic fields and light. I will educate you on the products and materials you are using and bringing into the home and what to further avoid. I am bridging the gap between the built environment and the natural world.


I create healthy and safe living environments so you can thrive

Meet Sarah Suppiah

Registered Nurse
Building Biology Environmental Consultant
Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist


Safe Living Technologies

The Science Of Wellness

Building Biology Institute

We cannot wait to help you start this journey and turn your home into a Sanctuary